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Individual and Family Medical Insurance Options

There are solutions for people who do not have the availability of insurance coverage continuation through their former employer via COBRA.

Remember that COBRA is not an insurance plan. COBRA is a federal law that allows for an individual or eligible dependent to continue group insurance coverage after loss of eligibility under an employer-sponsored program. The premium charged under COBRA continuation is the employer’s actual billed monthly premium plus an administration fee of 2% for federal COBRA or 10% for California COBRA.

If an employer’s group health plan is canceled or terminated, there is no COBRA continuation option available. Your options from there are to explore what is available to you through the Individual and Family Health Insurance Plan market.

Integra Insurance Services can assist with this as we are a full service, owner operated, independent insurance brokerage firm that offers the best service possible. We are licensed to practice in California only as a benefits broker and consultant. For out-of-state individuals in the market for personal insurance, we suggest you contact a local broker/agency or insurance carrier in your area.

For people with pre-existing conditions, the insurance carriers are required to offer “guarantee issue” individual plans as long as they are applied for within 63 days of losing group health coverage.

For those without pre-existing conditions, there are a multitude of individual plans available that, for the most part, are less expensive than electing the COBRA continuation option.

There are also Short Term Health plans that you may purchase to fill in the gap between jobs.

We have the capability of providing you with online quotes for individual or family coverage in California. You may quote several different carriers and plan designs, as well as download applications and apply immediately.

Start Insurance Quote Following the link will take you directly to a self-explanatory quoting module.