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Health Net Mobile & Beginnings

Every now and again, an insurance carrier creates something useful for its members. Today, we learned about the steps that Health Net took to empower their members: Health Net Mobile and Health Net Beginnings. Health Net is a pioneer, embarking with what seemingly will become commonplace: a mobile application specific to your health benefits, for your smart phone. While this app is currently only available for Apple and Android devices, they expect other web-enabled mobile devices, including the iPad, to have capability later this fall. What is so great about this feature, other than it being free, is the high level of functionality. Just be sure to register onlineto access your account.

Health Net Mobile features include:

Access your health plan details, including subscriber and planIDs, effective dates, copay and deductible information and your schedule of benefits.

For members with an HMO or POS plan, get instant access to your primary care physician (PCP) information, as well as the PCP for any member of your family on the plan. Plus, you can save your PCP details as a favorite.

View your mobile ID card, a list of your plan dependents, and mobile ID cards for them too.

Search for doctors, hospitals, urgent care facilities and other providers in the HealthNet network by location, address or ZIP code. You can even access maps and directions for each provider and save your provider search details as a favorite.

Get instant access to HealthNet by phone or instant chat, and find answers to common questions about Health Net Mobile.

Learn about other functions – Access a variety of wellness tools, tips and information, like their Health Improvement Programs.

Health Net Beginnings

In addition to the mobile application, Health Net presents their members Health Net Beginnings, a phone service that provides assistance before you receive your permanent ID card. They have addressed the need of a new member; the likelihood of questions about your plan. To help you begin your quest for information, Health Net designed this toll-free number: 1-800-526-6694. Health Net Beginnings representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.